Thursday, August 16, 2012,

This is clearly my first post! I have just one week before I leave the USA to Taiwan as an exchange student for the entire year! I will be staying in Yilan City, about an hour away from Taipei. Aside from what I know from being in Japan about Asian culture in general, I know little to nothing about Taiwan. I know that they speak Mandarin Chinese, but unfortunately... I can't. I have zero ideas as to what I can expect. I have nearly all of my packing complete, and over 50% of what I packed is gifts! Gifts for my host family and gifts for other people I will meet. My biggest worry is the language. To be honest, I'm not afraid I'll get lost and the language will keep me from finding my way, I'm not afraid of not being able to read everything in the stores because I only know Japanese kanji, I'm afraid that the people I meet won't want to be friends with me because I don't speak Mandarin Chinese. Obviously I will do whatever it takes to work around it, charades, drawing pictures, you name it, but I hope that will be enough. Of course I'll be studying Chinese while I'm there, so even if it is a problem in a matter of time I think I can learn.:) I'll check back in just one week, when I will be in Taiwan! 再見!

4:49 AM