Saturday, September 29, 2012,

A very wise lady once told me never to trust the food from street vendors anywhere, but particularly in foreign countries. However, in Taiwan many things are just so different from the rest of the world. The question is "Is it safe to eat food from street vendors in Taiwan?"

I'm sure there are of course places where you shouldn't eat the food, but in Taiwan, everybody eats the food from street vendors. I ate food from probably the most sketchy looking street vendors in the entire world here, yet the food was the most delicious food I have ever eaten, and it was totally safe. Food in Taiwan is a mystery to me. All of the places my family, friends, and I have eaten are places that nobody would EVER consider eating at in the United States. They are run-down, old, and a little dirty looking. Still, the food from these places are way better than any food I have EVER eaten in the United States! Everything I have eaten here has been incredibly delicious. Not to mention the price of food here, it is also incredibly cheap. It's so mysterious.

If you happen to visit Taiwan and get really hungry, I recommend buying food from the random street vendor over the food from a 7/11 any day. Not only is it cheaper, but it will most likely be some of the best food you've ever eaten!

12:31 AM