Tuesday, December 11, 2012,

Taiwanese people love their pets! Due to space restrictions, most people have cute small dogs, but there's an array of other furry and scaly creatures available, and some of the most interesting creatures have become quite popular!

First of all, the sugar glider! I was told sugar gliders are really popular due to Taiwan's close proximity to Australia, but I think they are are available for that reason, they are popular because they are adorable and friendly! The picture on the left is my classmate's sugar glider, YES they take them to school! Sugar gliders can just cling inside of your jacket and go undetected, it's the best. Although if you get caught bringing one to school, nothing happens. The teachers just comment on how cute he/she is and let you keep them. :)

Next, lizards! I'm not very knowledgable on scaled creatures, so I wouldn't be able to tell you what kind of lizard this is on my arm, but it grows to be over five feet long. :O 

 This is a normal pet, but it's just so precious I couldn't NOT show the picture, it's a baby bunny!

 Snakes! Also very popular. I have seen one person bring a snake to school, but I think doing so isn't popular because SO many people are afraid of them!
Finally, another normal pet, a hamster! Hamsters are shockingly inexpensive in Taiwan, a friend said he bought his for around $1.50.

Back on the subject of dogs, I was really surprised at all of the places dogs are allowed to go! Dogs can go into any store and any given time with their owners. A clothing store, phone store, 7/11, EVEN A RESTAURANT. The first time I saw one in a store I stared for awhile, waiting for an employee to come out and tell them to take their dog away, but I realized after like five times... that doesn't happen. Then whenever I saw one inside a store I would always be all "AWH! How cute!" but now I'm used to them being everywhere. Inside a restaurant though, I was almost offended. I kind of gave the "who do you think you are?" look the first couple times, but then I realized that truthfully, dogs and sugar gliders (the most common tag-along pets) do no harm to your food, and they are creatures just like humans. So, now I feel like I was a bit conceited before. Well anyway, I love animals, and if you do too, Taiwan is a good place for you.

One last picture, a little kitten somebody brought to my cosmetics class. <3

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