Saturday, January 12, 2013,

In the USA, you can pretty much expect everyone to have acne at some point in their life, it's accepted as a part of life and growing up. If someone were to comment on your acne, your reaction might be along the lines of "What gives you the right to judge me?! " and it would be very rude of the person who said something to remark on it unnecessarily. Generally people don't go to the doctor after every break out, but if you do go to your doctor, they might give you some suggestions on how to prevent it next time, then possibly prescribe you some ointments or maybe even pills.

In Taiwan it's like, the opposite! If you have acne and you come here, you can EXPECT people will comment on it. It's not because they are making fun of you though OR being rude, it's because they are concerned! I don't have severe acne, I take decent care of my skin, but of course I have the occasional blemish here and there, and I accepted it as part of being a teenager. However, my host mother did not. I actually went to the doctor for eczema around my nose that hasn't appeared since I was in fifth grade, and the doctor told me "First, I'll treat your eczema, then I'll treat your acne." I was shocked, like "What acne?! There is all of one blemish on my face right now!" but I wasn't offended because he's a doctor, and I sure did love the idea of that one blemish being "treated!"

Long story short, don't be offended if you have acne, and someone says something. Acne is regarded as a medical condition and they believe that if it can be treated, it should! Also, the Asian diet is generally much healthier and doesn't have as much grease as the American diet. That's just GENERALLY, but still, the percentage of Asian people with severe acne is considerably less than the percentage in the USA.

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