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Seems like a silly topic, sure, but actually if you plan on becoming an exchange student in Taiwan (which it would seem most of my blog is geared towards) this is helpful to know!

First, are there Apple products in Taiwan? Of course! iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, everything Apple is all the rage. They have Apple stores here just like in the United States, and unlike mainland China, as far as I know there aren't any "fake" Apple products.

Next, a big big big question that is going to be your first if you have an iPhone:
Oh man, I am not a computer or cell phone expert, but I bet if you ask one if you can use it internationally they will tell you "it depends on the country" so I will answer that part, in regards to Taiwan.
iPhones, as far as I know the iPhone 4s and 5 for sure, but also the older models, are international phones, meaning you CAN hook them up in other countries by replacing the SIM card (done by phone companies) with one that is hooked up to the respective country's services. However, you can not just go out and buy one with an American contract and hop over here and expect things to go well. I got my iPhone 4s December of 2011, and knowing that it was an international phone thought I would be able to hook it up here. I went to the phone store, they put in the SIM card to see if it would work, and it wouldn't. This is because my iPhone wasn't "unlocked". A "locked" iPhone has continental restrictions among other things. When you buy one, if you do, request one that is "unlocked" because when you get to Taiwan no company is going to want to unlock it for you because either it is illegal or really dangerous to your phone, I'm not sure which, I'm not sure what this lock is either, but I am sure that you need to have one which is "unlocked." Wifi will work on any device just as it would in any other country, it's just the service that won't. I understand this is confusing so if you have more questions feel free to contact me at and I will look further into the issue, talk to people who know, and give you a definite answer.

Now, how does the service work? Just like every other country Taiwan also has those contracts that are unlimited call or unlimited text, same as in the USA. However a pay as you go phone is much cheaper, and you can actually buy cards from 7-11 that put money on your phone and you CAN "pay as you go."

This is also important, do not plan on buying Apple products in Taiwan! If you are in the USA, buy whatever you need there. The prices here are A LOT more. There isn't a contract that I know of that allows you to buy an iPhone for $200, the cheapest I've heard of is $600 and $800. Yeah, ouch!

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