Monday, April 22, 2013,

On April 6th I had my first ever dance performance! In a show with around 100 dancers, in an audience of over 600 people, I was the only foreigner. I'm Taiwanese on the inside, though!
This was the first time I have been a part of a team in Taiwan, or in the case of breakdancing, a "crew"! I was worried that the endless hours of practice would be full of problems and misunderstandings, but it was nothing like that at all.:) There were plenty of words I didn't understand and times I couldn't remember the routine because I am new to breaking, but everyone was extremely understanding. In the end, we all became best friends, boys, girls, and teacher alike. I put up with the teacher calling me a peacock because I had blue in my hair, then giving me cookies and telling me there was real peacock in it. I was able to make fun of them back and we just became close through everything. Take a look at our shirts, they even named our crew after the stupid nickname they gave me, "Peacock Crew" :) The day of the performance all dancers and teachers gathered on stage to light incense, offer food to the gods, and pray. I'm not sure how to be Buddhist, but I'm definitely not close-minded when it comes to trying out new cultural things. My friends and crew were worried that I would feel uncomfortable praying with them, but I went with them anyway and it was really unique to me. I knew all eyes would shoot on to me when they saw my blonde hair, so naturally I was nervous before going on stage, but then I heard from the audience several friends screaming my name and all of the nerves went away. This was such a great experience for me, and I'm sure will stay my favorite memory here in Taiwan. ♡

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