Monday, April 22, 2013,

Taiwanese opera, oh boy.
At our district conference this month I was forced to do a Taiwanese opera performance. Normally I would be more than happy to participate in anything related to dancing or performing, but this was too much for me. We had a lot of hours of practice and I didn't really like that, I had other dance like hip hop and breaking I wanted to do instead! However, I was still required to do it. The other foreigner in my school also hated it with a passion, and in fact I hated it up until the time when they put on the makeup, wig, and costume. I don't know why, but that sort of tied it together for me. I still don't like the teacher because she is mean to me, but now I see that it's a very praise piece of Taiwanese culture and I respect that the other teachers put a lot of effort in to making me so Taiwanese. These pictures are of me, REALLY not like me, I know!!!

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